Providing the NHS and Private Medical Providers with the ability to collaboratively create, edit, and publish their own online local guidance and policies, accessible from anywhere and anytime.
Content Management System
Easily create, publish, manage and govern hospital wide guidelines and policies, all from an online platform with complete autonomy.
MicroGuide App
Functionality includes medical calculators and algorithms available in the app. View and inspect calculations in real time.
MicroGuide Web View
A unique URL to access hospital specific content via a browser on the internet or a hospitals intranet.
Automatic Updates
Ensures users have access to the latest, most up-to-date content at the point of care.
Offline Capability
No need to worry about internet connectivity or patchy mobile signal. Guidance is always at your fingertips.
Decision Support Module (DSM)
Enables clinicians to stratify guidelines to allow fast and efficient decision making.
Governance & Review Module (GRM)
Designed to support healthcare organisations through the process of reviewing, updating, managing and governing content updates.
Patient Information Module (PIM)
Enables a medical organisation to create, edit and manage content that is specifically for patients.
Secure Guides
Allows medical organisations to create and publish guidance to smaller more discreet subsets of their clinical population, safely and securely.

Our benefits

  • Decision support

    Efficient use of decision support tools for quicker and more effective care decisions
  • Accuracy

    Governance and Control GRM strengthens governance and content control, ensuring accurate and timely availability
  • Content

    Content accessible to patients via a web viewer with local printing options
  • Insights

    Subscribers review individual page views, offering insights by cohort and method over any period
  • 50 Guides

    Over 50 guidance types supported, including anti-microbial, e-learning, onboarding, and pain management
  • Guided info

    Guides accessed every 8 seconds on average with full search across entire sets
  • Simplicity

    Control over guide management and publication, designed for simplicity and effectiveness
  • 70% uptake*

    Nationwide implementation *Live in all Acute NHS Trusts

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of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the app was useful, easy to navigate, relevant to their patients and the best way to access the hospital guidelines

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Zesty empowers patients to have more involvement and control over their care


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