We enable integration into multiple different PAS/EPR suppliers to integrate with our features and solutions, without compromising on security and safety through our rules-based software engine ‘Health Stream’.
Native Support
Native support for all common messaging formats (HL7 V2, HL7 FHIR, OAuth and Open ID).
Single Sign On
Our Single Sign On (SSO) layer supports the usage of both local registration and NHS login to authenticate (incl OpenID, OAuth and SAML).
Open API Support
Support for Government supported Open API standards including the National Record Locator and NHS App record aggregator.
Integration with national solutions (NHS App)
Rapid Integration
Rapid integration with any supplier or system that meets the defined international standards.
Patient Portal Integration
Deeper understanding of PAS/EPR solutions and workflows to provide a robust PAS/EPR patient portal integration.

Our benefits

  • 1 stop solution

    No partnership agreements or custom development needed for each supplier
  • Efficiency

    Enhanced accessibility to national healthcare solutions for patients
  • Expand reach

    Increased patient registration through national solutions supporting high adoption rates e.g., NHS App
  • Cost savings

    Integration with national solutions at no additional cost
  • Data inclusion

    Inclusion of acute data in the National Record Locator
  • 3rd party

    Induction Healthcare's authenticated session for seamless patient and clinician transfer
  • Protected

    Reduction in lost passwords and improved patient experience

Hear what our customers say

The integration between Zesty and Oracle Health gives us an opportunity to change the way we deliver care.
Ian Frost

Deputy Director, Outpatient Transformation

Digital solution transforms patient engagement 

Zesty empowers patients to have more involvement and control over their care


Reduction in Did Not Attends
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