Giving appointment letters, discharge summaries, and guidance to patients digitally through the portal or NHS App
Digital Documents
Present documents digitally within the patient portal for easy access by patients.
Digital Accessibility Features
Patients utilise device features including language, zoom, contrast, translation services and screen readers for enhanced accessibility.
Attachments, advice and guidance
Attach URL links to letters for easy access to additional information.
Third-Party Mail Integration
Streamlined paperless integration, including daily managed mail supplier files and clinical system writeback.
Information Sharing
Patients view, download, or share information conveniently.
Automated Clinical System Generation
Documents automatically generated from clinical system with no additional administration needed.
Paperless NHS App Access
The first portal enabling patients to go completely paperless through the NHS App.
Letter Highlight Feature
Patients can star important letters for quick and easy reference.
Choose to enable/disable certain letter functionality.

Our benefits

  • 78%

    Of patients go paperless due to the improved access to documents which gives convenience for users
  • Engagement

    Enhanced engagement fosters informed decision-making, empowering patients
  • Carbon-neutral

    Reduction in carbon footprint and C02 savings count towards a carbon-neutral NHS
  • Save £££

    Saves printing and postal costs (costs circa £1.20 per letter)
  • Trust

    Trust controlled letter functionality allows services to adapt and tailor the system to their specific needs
  • Reduced admin

    Reduced administrative burden, (print, envelopes, and dispatch)
  • Efficient workflow

    Improved workflow efficiency and trust resource utilisation
  • 3rd party

    Collaboration with third-party mail suppliers

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Digital solution transforms patient engagement 

Zesty empowers patients to have more involvement and control over their care


Reduction in Did Not Attends
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