Gather patient information and faster responses, with digital clinical and administrative forms via our Form Builder questionnaire tool
Flexible Forms
Create forms with diverse input types, single and multiple choice, number, date, short/long text and other information.
Custom Routing/Conditional Logic
Present additional questions based on patient responses, enhancing form flexibility.
Automated Scoring for Decision Making
Score patient responses to automate decision-making in line with trust policy, streamlining analysis and improving efficiency.
SMS Invitations
Invite patients via SMS for questionnaires, with timed reminders for those who haven't completed.
Patient Info
Gathers patient info before and after appointments, ensuring efficient resource use and optimal patient care.
Simple to Use
Easily view, manage, collate, and download patient responses with a simple, user-friendly format.
Versatile Engagement
Support for various engagements e.g., pre-operative assessments, PREMS, clinical consent, patient-reported outcome measures, and waitlist validation.
Accessibility Standards
Compliant with NHS App accessibility standards, ensuring inclusivity and user-friendly experience.
Integrated Patient Portal and NHS App
Exclusive feature—surface forms within our patient portal and the NHS App for seamless patient interaction.
Cohort Definition
Define patient groups and automate questionnaires based on events for targeted engagement.

Our benefits

  • Speed

    Supports the reduction in delays, through continuous triage of waitlists, PIFU, and other pathways
  • Less admin

    Pre and post-appointment data collection, ensures efficient resource use and optimal patient care
  • Waitlist

    Improves efficiency by automating workflows, scheduling, and diagnostic pathways
  • Automated

    NHS app response rates
  • Reduced wait

    Fosters improved patient experience through enhanced communication
  • Save £££

    Reduces third-party form and print costs, promoting administrative cost-saving
  • Reduced costs

    Reduces medical record storage costs, contributing to overall cost savings and streamlined record management
  • Personalised

    Enhances patient interactions by personalising engagements within specific cohorts

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