Simple and secure communication, enabling patients to interact with a trust in their preferred method of choice
Appointment Reminders
Configurable reminders with appointment links to prompt attendance and facilitate easy changes or cancellations for patients.
Bulk Communications Capability
Empower healthcare professionals to send specific messages outside traditional events, improving communication efficiency.
Dual NHS App Notifications
Utilise both SMS and NHS App notifications.
Uptake Support via SMS
Proven rapid response with messaging, ensuring effective communication and engagement.
Customisable Sender ID
Build patient confidence by tailoring SMS sender IDs referencing trust names for personalised and trustworthy messaging.
Adhoc Messaging Tool
Administrative tool enables sending messages to defined patient cohorts, supporting mass communication through user-friendly methods.
Opt-out Support
Free reply via SMS short code on major networks, respecting patient preferences for communication opt-out.

Our benefits

  • Trust

    Enhanced trustworthiness and improved response rates from patients
  • Engagement

    Proven efficiency in SMS prompts ensures quick and effective communication, fostering engagement
  • 50% DNA reduction

    Providing easy channel of communication improves patient attendance
  • Reminders

    Patient portal prompts reminders with appointment integration, reducing costs associated with external services
  • Sustainability

    Contributes to paper reduction efforts, aligning with environmental sustainability and digital initiatives
  • More time

    Administrative time freed up for care or other tasks, boosting overall efficiency and resource utilisation
  • Save £££

    Utilising NHS App notifications reduces SMS costs, contributing to cost-effective communication strategies

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