AWS is the most comprehensive, universally recognised cloud platform, offering over 200 fully functional featured services from data centers around the world.

AWS provides a trusted technology and innovative computing service which achieves exceptional accessibility, security, and data privacy. AWS leverages programs, expertise, and resources to ensure and enable an effective and intelligent way to reach audiences.

Working with AWS, we are expanding our customer reach, and growing our business, ensuring opportunities for innovation and advancement.

With the integration of AWS to Induction Healthcare, we aim to continue establishing the next stage in digital healthcare innovation, one with lower costs, more safety and a reliable platform for professionals and patients alike.

Our partner solutions

Backup and Storage

Allows for conscientious and centralised backup solutions using AWS’s data storage services.


Enables cost-effective and secure long-term data backup

Disaster Recovery

Utilise AWS for complicated recovery strategies ensuring data is not damaged or lost.

Primary Storage

Solutions are provided to file, block, object, and stream data formats to on-premises storage.

Content Delivery

Distribute any amount of data to users worldwide, with low costs and high transfer speeds.


Take advantage of a diverse and wide array of database solutions, from enterprise database software to non-relational database solutions.

Security is our highest priority at Induction.

MA substantial portion of updates on platforms are rendered to further optimise security, ensuring that safety is a constant and salient priority for both Induction and AWS.

AWS enables extensive features to ensure the security of their servers through detailed traffic control, secure firewalls, advanced DDOS protection, encryption, key management, and threat detection, keeping data safe and secure.

The strength of a healthcare solution
depends on its efficiency

By using AWS servers, we are prepared to host large scale users and data without the usual glitches and delays, ensuring that we always provide an optimal healthcare solution, one that is structured, skilled and ready to meet exceptional demands.

What we have is a codified and repeatable approach to enabling a secure platform, one that is ready to meet exceptional demands. It’s a robust system which has removed human error and it means our customers can be confident that their data is safe and secure.

Head of Cloud Engineering at Induction Healthcare, Ian Holly

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