Video consultation

Remote healthcare interaction giving patients a fast and frictionless way to access their clinician or care team using a video call from their own device.
Flexible working
Mirrors onsite hospital processes for adaptability.
Safe and Secure
Ensures patient anonymity and a secure environment.
Streamlined Administration
Efficient single link for time-saving appointment coordination.
Consistent Patient Access
Provides a uniform and unique link for patients attending the same clinic.
Reduces DNA Instances
Supports a decrease in Did Not Attends, improving attendance rates.
Easy Scaling and Adoption
Low barriers for widespread adoption by services and clinicians.
Enhanced Access and Experience
Improves overall patient access and experience.
Quality of Care Improvement
Elevates the quality of patient care through enhanced information gathering.
Accessibility Standards
Adheres to WCAG, DCB3051, and Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation.
Integration Standards
HL7 FHIR and HL7 V2 Integration ensures seamless integration with healthcare systems.

Our benefits

  • Efficiency

    Saves time and effort managing individual links, ensuring efficiency in appointment coordination and ease access for recurring patients
  • Future proof

    Reduces travel for both patients and clinicians, contributing to environmental sustainability goals and Net Zero emissions targets
  • Access to care

    Improves access to care and enhances the overall patient experience
  • Remote

    Allows clinicians to gather more information through visual cues, enhancing the quality of patient care
  • Secure

    Protects patient anonymity while ensuring a safe and secure environment
  • Flexibility

    Enables a fully flexible workflow, mirroring onsite hospital processes for adaptability
  • WCAG  

    Built to WCAG Standards, DCB3051, and Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation for accessibility, authorisation, and security
  • Integration

    HL7 FHIR and HL7 V2 Integration ensures seamless integration with healthcare systems

Hear what our customers say

and with one touch they’re in a secure environment that they know is their local hospital, and it gives them the security that they need, and the confidence to proceed.
Iain Livingstone

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Expansion of video consultations transforms paediatrics.

Time savings for patients and clinicians in paediatrics department

727,800 hours

Wait time reduction*
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